About Us

Suni Cranes Controls was incepted in the year 1992, as the most prominent limit switch manufacturer and supplier from India. With the guidance and support of the CEO of our company, Mr. GULAB G. YADAV , we have succeeded in achieving an unprecedented position in the market. Our profound experience of twenty-two years has enabled us to outpace many of our competitors. We manufacture a huge gamut of products like Electro-Hydraulic Thrustor, Thrustor Brakes, Electro-Magnetic Brakes, D.C. Brakes, Disc Brakes, E. M. Clutch, Lever Limit Switch, Gravity Limit Switch, Rotary Gear Limit Switch, Grab differential Limit switch, Master Controller, Universal Master Controller, Punched Grids Type Resistance Box, Brake drum, Brake drum gear Coupling , Gear Coupling, & Equipments for EOT Cranes.

Suni Cranes Controls introducing ourselves as leading manufacturers of Crane control gears. We have developed our roots in this field from last two and half decade. We have committed to quality, productivity and customer service. Suni Cranes Controls is an integrated association of Engineers. Project Management Specialists and Designers possessing specialized experience in Material handling Industry specially EOT Cranes. The company can accept full engineering responsibility for a project with respect to control gear from preliminary market studies to completion of project & operational management -or it can handle only one specific phase to supplement the special needs of the client's own engineering staff.

Suni Cranes Controls has established a proud reputation in the market place, as a quality conscious supplier of customer specific products. We support and service a demanding customer base in the EOT Cranes, Hoist & other Mobile Machinery with an emphasis on achieving world-class quality at competitive prices. Our Customers are EOT Crane Manufacturer, Power Houses, Steel Manufacturers, Shipyard, Ports, Railways, Heavy Industries, Foundries, Mines, Paper and Pulp producers, Cement industry, Smelters, Steel Mills and all Engineering Industries. Our design team is both experienced and innovative in their approach and in the range of products manufactured and is backed up by a modern manufacturing and testing facility. The foundation of the company's growth is a deep understanding of economic stimulus and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge Research & Development.